Friday, July 06, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: The Smashing Pumpkins - Reel Time Acoustic Demos

We all know Billy Corgan is one of the most prolific songwriters in the history of rock. Billy has been known to write more songs for the recording of one album than most people write in an entire career. Don't believe me? For "Mellon Collie," it is rumored that he wrote well over 100 songs. You can hear many of the unused tracks on the Pistachio Melody B-Side. In comparison, Axl Rose has released less than 60 original songs during his 20-year-career. Does quantity equal quality? In Billy's case, even his worst songs are better than Hinder's best tracks. Of course that's not saying much. But this is what Billy has been good at forever. Even before the release of the Pumpkin's debut "Gish" the guy had written enough material to fill two full albums. This material has surfaced as the Reel Time Sessions. One session is full of rocking material, much of which would go onto be featured on "Gish." But there was also an acoustic session of all unreleased material.

When listening to this, remember this was recorded in 1989, well before the alternative revolution, at a time where GNR and Skid Row ruled the radio. It's amazing to notice how far ahead of the musical trends the band was. As early and as rough as the music still sounds as fresh and as new as anything on the radio or blogosphere today.

The Reel Time Acoustic Session (note: song two link should be fixed)

1. Waiting For You Now
2. Fat Man Blues (take 1)
3. Fat Man Blues (take 2)
4. Bleed
5. She
6. Vanilla
7. My Dahlia
8. Waiting
9. Sun
10. Stray Cat Blues
11. I Am One Part II

If you buy Zeitgeist now, I'll post the Reel Time Rock Sessions next.


Alex said...

Track 2 is the same as the first one...

But nonetheless, it's pretty interesting stuff!

Anonymous said...

well you can be sure i'm gonna buy it, but i'll be getting it at Target to get the "bonus" track Zeitgeist (why in the hell is the title track not on the record? oh yeah, cuz it's billy).

anyway - great post, looking forward to teh next, check out my recent billy rarities post if you want:

Fetal Pig said...

I've got the Zeitgeist bonus tracks up on my blog. In my opinion they all should have been on the album.

kdington said...

i'm sure you know that billy did not write Stray Cat Blues.. that one is a n old blues tune by the Stones