Thursday, September 20, 2007

11 Great Eddie Vedder Performances (sans Pearl Jam)

Eddie Vedder is a rock n roll legend. He's an icon. He's the voice of a generation. When I was in college, I would buy an entire CD just to hear him singing back-up vocals for 3 seconds. Every thing he did was genius. At 19, I didn't have a lot to go on...but for my generation, he was ours and I wanted everything he ever did to be mine.

Sixteen years since the first Pearl Jam album, Eddie Vedder has done the thing that everyone knew he would do someday...that is releasing a solo CD. But in true Eddie Vedder fashion, he is releasing it not as a vanity project, instead, he did it as a soundtrack to the upcoming film, Into The Wild (directed by Sean Penn).

The early verdict, IMO, is great. This might be the best thing I've heard from Vedder since before I packed up my last flannel shirt. But this isn't the first time Vedder went off without the foundation of his is a brief tour though some of his other visitations.

11 Great Eddie Vedder Performances (sans Pearl Jam)

1. Against The 70s - Eddie Vedder and Mike Watt
2. Break On Through - Eddie Vedder and the Doors
3. Light My Fire - Eddie Vedder and the Doors
4. Roadhouse Blues - Eddie Vedder and the Doors
5. Devil Doll - Eddie Vedder and the Supersuckers
6. I See Red - Eddie Vedder and Neil Finn
7. Croon Spoon - Eddie Vedder and Susan Surandon
8. Hymn - Eddie Vedder and Hovercraft
9. Watch It Die - Eddie Vedder and Bad Religion
10. Take Me Out to The Ball Game - Cubs Game
11. The Star Spangled Banner - Bulls Playoff Game

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Distance Has The Way said...

Thanks man this is great !

Rat said...

One more... Eddie Vedder with Kings of Leon in Hawaii!!!

crazy_diamond said...

totally agree with you man...eddie vedder is the legend of "OUR" generation...his work on the "into the wild" album is phenomenal, and yet sublime...such lucid lyrics! the music forms the soul of the movie...

P.S. just discovered this blog...keep up the good work!