Monday, September 24, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Foo Fighters - The Height and the Weight

Sixteen years ago, the world was standing around at midnight, waiting for the new Guns N Roses albums to be released. Use Your Illusion were two CDs released at the same time by the biggest band on the planet. Everyone thought these records would change the world of music fo year to come. Everyone was wrong. Ironically, two albums by two unknown artists were being released at the exact same time. These albums would be the albums that would shape the musical landscape for the rest of the decade. The albums were Nirvana's Nevermind and Pearl Jam's Ten.

This month, the two most-anticipated rock releases are Eddie Vedder's first solo album (Into The Wild) and the Foo Fighters 6th official studio album (Echoes, Silence, Patience, Grace). History does repeat.

I do wish Dave had titled the album with an N-word (like Never, New, Nice, Normal) instead of Grace. Then, abbreviated, the album would have spelled ESPN. That would have been cool.

Here is part one of three Foo Fighters B-Sides albums. I will post the other two (There Is Something Left To Win and For My Disgrace) but only on one condition, that is that everyone goes out and buys the new Foo Fighters album. It's a thousand times better than their last album...and much more like their first 4 releases.

Purchase at any of these places (Overstock $9.49, The Disc Wizard $9.98, Circuit City $9.99 ). I'd also recommend the Bonus tracks version for slightly more...(here).

The Foo Fighters - The Height and the Weight (1995 - 1998)

1. How Do You Do?
2. Winnebago
3. Ozone
4. Podunk
5. How I Miss You
6. The Colour and the Shape
7. Baker Street
8. Requiem
9. Drive Me Wild
10. Down in the Park
11. Gas Chamber
12. Touch


Nathan said...

Very cool of you. I would like to add that for me, this is thier best album since The Colour and the Shape. I haven't like the last few as much but this one is very good. If you don't like it at first, it's worth a second listen.

Will you be posting the b-sides from this album? I can't find them anywhere and have heard they're fantastic.

Keith said...

Thanks to, I have tracked down most of the current b-sides: 1.) Once and For All (demo) - ESPG UK edition; 2.) Come Alive (demo), 3.) If Ever - both from "The Pretender" UK Single; 4.) Bangin' - "The Pretender" UK 7". Now to pray someone shares the iTunes bonus track "SOMA". In the meantime.... counting down to tonight's show at the Fonda! Another option for Foo collectors is the Amazon shops (, caiman company and hermanstreetmusic are all great Amazon vendors for cheap imports, delivered super fast).

Drew said...

I've listened to this a few times and have the CD pre-ordered already "But Honestly" is the best track I've heard from anyone in a long time.

Keith said...

OK, my bad. "Seda" is the elusive b-side. I noticed iTunes replaced it with "Once and For All (demo)." Drats. Is Seda only on the Japanese Version?

t9 said...

I have Seda from iTunes I could send you if you post Bangin' & If Ever.

Keith said...

I'm happy to trade any songs that aren't for sale in the USA. If Capitol records has no interest in making them available on iTunes, a domestic single, a B-sides compilation or a retailer-tied bonus track, then they clearly have no interest in making money off the tracks. "Seda" was a plum way to screw over the loyal fans who wanted to own a hard copy of the album. Until it shows up as a b-side to the next single, I'll trade anything for it.

Jason said...

I all the Foo B-sides except for the brand new album. I have none of them so far. More old ones to come.

Thad said...
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Thad said...

I will trade Seda for Bangin' & If Ever in mp3 format.

Thanks! (aka T9)

grohlbeast062100 said...

I would love to get SEDA or Bangin' if there was anyway possible. I have If Ever, Come Alive Demo, Once and For All and quite a few of the old bsides if anyone is interested.

mjd78 said...

Does anyone have a link to Seda? I have looked all over limewire and the net for it but I can't find it anywhere. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Luke said...

t9 i have bangin and If Ever, if you want 'll trade them for seda but i don't kno how we'll do that :S

alxmonk said...

If you have gmail,i know for sure we can totally just attach the song. I can email you seda. Let me know,

Juniorholic said...

I'm very upset with - I ordered the single of Pretender to get "Bangin'" - I get the CD today and it's not on there! All I got was The Pretender, Come Alive (Demo), If Ever) and a video clip of Monkey Wrench from Hyde Park.

I double checked my order and sure enough the one I ordered stated that Bangin' was going to be on there. I'm waiting for a response from them so I can find out why I got the wrong one.