Tuesday, September 04, 2007

THE UNKNOWN: Iron and Wine - His Specific Alphabetical Nights

My friends and I have been having a discussion over the notion of freewill. The topic on the table stems from this quote by Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin: "The allusion of freewill is so strong that we might as well assume we have it." It's an interesting quote when you start to explore the thought behind it. Now remember, this quote is coming from someone who is a sworn atheist. His belief is that because of our genetic make-up and our environmental upbringing our lives are practically pre-determined. No matter what you do...from the job you choose to work at to the lunch you are going to eat...has all be pre-determined in your subconscious decades prior to this very moment. For example, today for lunch I had canned Chef Boy-R-Dee's Ravioli. My choice to eat this lunch stems from 30 years of upbringing. I like the ravioli because I used to eat Chef Boy-R-Dee as a kid. So I have an affinity for it. Also, it's an easy to make meal that I can do in little time, since I work from home and had a lot of work to do today. I am also trying to conserve money and eat things that are inexpensive. The fact that I am responsible and try to conserve when it comes to meals comes from the moral codes that my parents raised me with. So as you see, I had no choice but to eat the raviolis.

Here is Iron and Wine's B-Side Album.

His Specific Alphabetical Nights

1. The Trapeze Singer
2. Dearest Foresaken
3. Peng! 33
4. Dead Man's Will
5. Love Vigilantes
6. Communion Cups and Someone's Coat
7. Such Great Heights
8. Sacred Vision
9. Same Old Song
10. Call Your Boys
11. Sleeping Diagonally
12. No Moon
13. Sinning Hands
14. Her Tea Leaves
15. Ab's Song
16. Carissa's Weird
17. Waiting For A Superman

Pre-order Iron and Wine's new album....The Shepherd's Dog (Due Sept. 24th)

Buy Greg Graffin's Book: Is Belief in God Good, Bad or Irrelevant here.


Emily said...

Thank you! Great album!

kineylikes said...

How can you call this a "b-sides" album when all of these tracks are either:
[a] already b-sides from previous albums
[b] OLD demos
[c] previously-released singles
[d] previously released on an EP
Or am I confused and this is just your own little private collection or "mixtape"?

kineylikes said...

ok nevermind i get it. sorry about that.

lindsey said...

Is this the version of Dead Man's Will from Yeti Compilation? I found it somewhere a long time ago but my hard drive crashed and I lost it - now it has disappeared from the Internet. Any chance of a repost? Email me if you can. I would be thrilled to hear that recording again.