Friday, September 21, 2007

The 11 Best Neil Diamond Songs

It's Yom Kippur. From Sundown to Sundown, we are supposed to be fasting. I already had a chocolate covered pretzel and a diet Sierra Mist. Thankfully, we don't believe in hell. It's great being a Jew sometimes...except for the fact I'm also half-Catholic, which means I get twice the guilt...but also twice the presents during the holidays.

Here are the 11 Best Neil Diamond Songs:

1. Forever in Blue Jeans
2. Sweet Caroline
3. Cracklin' Rose
4. Shilo
5. Done Too Soon
6. America
7. Song Sung Blue
8. Cherry, Cherry
9. Love on the Rocks
10. I Am...I Said
11. Mr. Bojangles


Ken said...

What! No "Solitary Man"? THAT'S his best song.

hedgesmcgareth said...

This is so wrong... stop embracing Neil Diamond. It makes you no better than Jason Biggs. You can smell his foul hulking man breath through the tracks of Cracklin' Rosie--store bought woman indeed.

hedgesmcgareth said...

It's like Bill Murray says about his divorce in What About Bob: there are two kinds of people in the world... people who like Neil Diamond and people who don't.

Hennie said...

Daimond's music is truly timeless...His first song that I've heard,( I am ,I said ) was way back in the summer of '77, when I was only 12 years old. Today I'm 42, with Neil's " I think its going to rain today" playing softly in the background... I've grew up with him, and I am also growing old with him...Hennie Nel ( South-Africa)

Hennie said...

Neil's music is truly timeless...It only took that one song that I've heard on the radio, " I am I said..." in the summer of '77 , when I was only 12 years old...

Today I'm 42 , and , believe it or not , Neil Daimond's " If you go away..." is playing in the stereo, as I sit here, typing. He is a gifted and amazing person and entertainer.