Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Unknown: Jeff Tweedy - Jesse Theme Song

It's amazing to think how many hidden musical treasures may be out there, burned to some cassette tape, buried in a box deep in someone's garage. When I went to UCLA, I know for a fact, someone working at the campus radio station recorded a mini-set by Nirvana. Has that ever surfaced? Sadly, no. How many concerts? How many demo tracks? How many radio sets will go lost to the fact that technology has just passed them by?

Well, I will not let that unjustice be lost on me. I have finally figured out how to transfer cassette tapes to MP3s. It's humorous that by taking a step forward, I'll need to take a big step back.

First up, Jeff Tweedy's lost theme song to the failed TV show Jesse. Back in 1998, Tweedy was asked to do a theme song to a show called "All My Life." This show was brought to you by the producers of the uber-hit Friends and starred Christina Applegate, David DeLuise, Bruno Campos. Tweedy cut two tracks for the show...but was ultimately too edgy for a show that was being pushed as Friends - Part 2. All My Life was renamed "Jesse." The Tories eventually did the theme song. And after two years, the show was canceled.

These two tracks are Tweedy's demos for the "possible" theme song. Take 1 is rougher quality and a bit harder to hear. This melody was eventually re-used on Tweedy's side project, Loose Fur, for the song "The Ruling Class." As far as I know, Take 2 has never been re-visited. Enjoy.

1. Jeff Tweedy - All My Life (Take 1)
2. Jeff Tweedy - All My Life (Take 2)


Hunter Wry said...

Oh my gosh, I used to love this show... ah the memories...

fairest said...

Man that's insane. And The Ruling Class is such a great song. To think what he turned that into instead of this. Genius at work!

makoto mizutani said...

i totally remember when i got this tape from you!!! ah, the mid-90's

jcroach said...

Awesome. What a Gem. I was linked here from the Wilco fan site