Monday, December 17, 2007

The 11 Songs That have the Best Chance of Being Remembered in 10 Years

I've been reading the lists of top songs for 2007 and I'll have to say...most of them are pretty lame. There are a lot of good songs on them...but most of the songs are obscure tracks that were never released to radio. Therefore I doubt many of them will ever be classic tracks remembered in ten years. Back in the 90s, he big tracks on the radio were also the tracks that were loved universally. But the tracks that are dominating the billboard charts now are as foreign to me as a love song in Tagalog. I mean what the hell is a Baby Bash? And is there really an artist named Flo Rida? Seriously? You can pick any name you want and you went with Flo Rida? Let me're from Florida? Are you just trying to secure an opening spot on the Kansas/Chicago reunion tour?

Just a reminder...these are not my faves of 2007...these are the tracks I think have the best chance to last. It's interesting that so many good songs don't get played on the radio as much. It seems that a lot songs are finding life in TV commercials, TV shows, and even at commercial breaks of sporting events. Notice how many times you've heard Zeppelin during a NFL game during the past few weeks?

Here are my picks for the best tracks that have the best chance of being remembered in ten years: (be warned...these are not my favorites)

10. Nickleback - Rockstar - it's sad but true


Carles said...

Where Da Soulja Boy at?
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