Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Unknown: Soundgarden - Black Sunshine

You know what I hate...I hate all those Christmas cards that get sent out every year by your so-called friends. I mean seriously, what is this garbage? When did this become an acceptable form of holiday greeting? Here's my problems with them: Basically, people have these Holiday cards made with a cheesy picture of themselves on them and some generic greeting that they send out to all the people they have ever written down in their rolodex. They do one mass holiday greeting so they don't have to wish everyone individually a happy holidays. It's condescending and it needs to stop. So here's the thing, if you're a close friend of this person, you're basically getting a generic holiday greeting from them...the same holiday greeting they send to their friends they haven't spoken to since last Christmas. And if you're a friend that never talks to them...you're getting basically getting a back-handed slap in the face by receiving a card...it basically says, "You're not important enough to talk to in person, so here's a generic card so I can feel better as a person."

If you really care about someone, take an extra five minutes and write them an original personal note. If they really mean something to you as a person, then don't they deserve at least 5 minutes of your time.

I believe in giving people what they want. And you asked for it...so here it is. My repost of Soundgarden's B-Side album. Black Sunshine. Now go buy Chris Cornell's solo album...Carry On and support the artist.

Soundgarden - Black Sunshine

1. Birth Ritual
2. Show Me
3. Blind Dogs
4. Karoake
5. Sub Pop Rock City
6. Fresh Deadly Flowers
7. Cold Bitch
8. Toy Box
9. I Don't Care About you
10. Can You see Me?
11. She Likes Surprises
12. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard
13. Come Together
14. Motorcycle Loop

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SilentGeoff said...

Thanks for posting this set. Great Stuff...except for one slight problem. Track nine isn't on savefile. It comes up as no link. Thanks again! I'll be getting Chris Cornell's CD as soon as I see it.