Thursday, April 03, 2008

The 11 Best In Rainbows Side Tracks

In Rainbows may be the most groundbreaking album of the decade. Just take a look at the milestones broken with this album.

1. A pay as little as you want for a complete download of an album. Even free.
2. Officially release an album on the internet months before a physical copy.
3. Sell a B-side album as a companion to the official release
4. Release multiple Live versions/alternate versions of the actual album. (Scotch Mist/BBC/IR Webcasts)
5. Allow the Release of a Remix Album (Amplive)
6. And this week...they officially released all the tracks for a single song (NUDE) and are allowing the fans to remix the song and compete for best remix.

Note to all record companies: Embrace the internet.

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The 11 Best In Rainbows Side Tracks:

1. Down Is the New Up (In Rainbows Disc 2)
2. The Headmaster Ritual (In Rainbows Webcast)
3. Last Flowers (In Rainbows Disc 2)
4. Ceremony (In Rainbows Webcast)
5. Video Tapez (Amplive Remix)
6. Bangers + Mash (In Rainbows Disc 2)
7. Nudez (Amplive Remix)
8. 15 Steps (Scotch Mist Version)
9. Bodysnatcher (Live at the BBC)
10. Jigsaw (Scotch Mist Version)
11. Reckoner (LoveTongueAttack Bmore Remix)


Kingmob said...

I love your blog. Thank you for all of the great tracks. Just wondering if you're still planning on putting up the third Radiohead b-sides collection after Photographic Memory?

TomServo0 said...

"Last Flowers" isn't working for me. Your blog rocks!