Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The 11 Best Blind Melon Songs

This week saw a changing of the guards. A new leader emerged. A new face was put on the front of a tradition. Some saw this as a sign of the times. Many thought this was a travesty. They said a sacred heritage had been trampled on. The new leader did not belong. The new leader was not welcome. And for the past week...they've been letting her have it.

I'm talking of course about Danica Patrick's first Indy Car win in the Indy Japan 300. This week, she became first woman to ever win a closed course race in the heavily male-dominated sport of Indy car racing. Immediately, the news channels and online authorities jumped to attention in order to downplay her win. It wasn't an important race. It didn't really matter. Nobody really cares.

But last year, when Tony Kanaan won the Indy Japan 300, it was big news and he was cheered for it. Why was it an accomplishment for a man to win in a cock-filled sport, but just a footnote when the first woman...EVER...wins?

Everybody stop talking for a second. So what if it's not the Indy 500...she still won...beating MALE DRIVERS who are all supposedly better than her. Patrick's win is huge. Monumental. History-making. Anyone who believes or says otherwise is just flat out wrong.

End of discussion.

Be sure to buy the new Blind Melon album (yes...a new album)...featuring new singer, Travis Warren. I'm shocked to say this...but it's actually a good album.

Here are the 11 Best Blind Melon Songs:

1. Galaxie (Soup)
2. Soul One (Nico)
3. Change (Blind Melon)
4. Walk (Soup)
5. Candy Says (B-Side)
6. Mouthful of Cavities (Soup)
7. St. Andrew's Hall (Nico)
8. Soak The Sin (Blind Melon)
9. Pull (Nico)
10. Time (Blind Melon)
11. Soup (Nico)

Who says people can't change? Here's my Blind Melon Top 11 from 2 years ago to compare.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

i'm curious as to where the candy says b-side came from?

Chad Davis said...

Love the list you got here for the great Blind Melon!!! These are my top 11:
1. Soul One (Demo)/Soul One
2. St. Andrews Fall
3. Mother (Demo)
4. Mouthful Of Cavities
5. Change
6. Pull
7. Time
8. Galaxie
9. No Rain
10. Toes Across The Floor
11. Tones Of Home