Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The 11 Best AC/DC Songs (Brian Johnson)

Buying Halloween costumes for kids is harder than buying a new car. Both take months of research. Looking up ideas online...getting expert's opinions...finding out which one is the least likely to spontaneously burst into flames. Once you decide on the make and model you want to be...then comes the legwork. Then comes the actual shopping. Going from store to store to find out if they first have the costume you're looking for...finding out if it's the right material...the right color...the right features...then finding out if it actually fits! And once you get all that done. Once you have all the ducks in a row, quacking...or screaming...take your pick...then you have to hope that after you purchase the "all sales final" costume that your kid doesn't go home and turn on the TV and decide she wants to be something else.

Here are the 11 Best AC/DC Songs (Brian Johnson):

1. You Shook Me All Night Long (Back In Black)
2. Back in Black (Back In Black)
3. Who Made Who (Who Made Who)
4. Jailbreak ('74 Jailbreak)
5. Thunderstruck (The Razor's Edge)
6. For Those About To Rock (For Those About to Rock)
7. Nervous Shakedown (Flick of the Switch)
8. Shoot To Thrill (Back In Black)
9. Evil Walks (For Those About to Rock)
10. Shot of Love (The Razor's Edge)
11. Hells Bells (Back In Black)

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PB said...

I'm pretty certain that "Jailbreak" features Bon Scott on vocals. The "74" in the album title denotes the year it was recorded.