Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The 11 Best Cure Songs (post-Disintegration)

Instead of a rant or a little story that quietly refers to the music I'm blogging about...today, I have a question for you.

What is more influential...more memorable: an album or a band?

(example: Nirvana or Nevermind...Guns N Roses or Appetite for Destruction....The Cure or Disintegration)

The 11 Best Cure Songs (post-Disintegration)

1. Cut (Wish)
2. Trust (Wish)
3. Watching Me Fall (Bloodflowers)
4. Apart (Wish)
5. Bloodflowers (Bloodflowers)
6. Anniversary (The Cure)
7. Treasure (Wild Mood Swings)
8. From The Edge of a Deep Green Sea (Wish)
9. 39 (Bloodflowers)
10. Open (Wish)
11. The Promise (The Cure)

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Chris said...

i personally would say that albums have greater impacts on each individual person. i feel like that might be an obvious answer? i'm not sure. but i'd say an album can easily encumber an entire section of ones life.. whenever that person found it. a band though, can make you feel a certain kind of way.. be it the singers voice or the style of music they tend to always play.. or recreate. like nada surf is one of those bands that i may not always like their music but i'll more than likely always pick up their albums. and everclear is a band thats first three albums i absolutely love but i can't stand anything beyond that, and the first three everclear albums have a special place in my childhood.. where-as i did hear "popular" all over the place when i was younger i didn't get into nada surf until a ex-girlfriend gave me high/low and i found the album just absolutely awesome.. and followed their following efforts from that point on... and just always find comfort in matt's consistantly good lyrics and poppy song writing. i don't know if that answers your blog.... if not, i would go with album.

Rick said...

1. Going Nowhere
2. This Twilight Garden
3. Open
4. Want
5. Underneath the Stars
6. To Wish Impossible Things
7. Bloodflowers
8. Sleep When I'm Dead
9. Never Enough
10. From the Edge Of the Deep Green Sea
11. Truth, Goodness and Beauty