Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 11 Best Chris Cornell Songs

I like peanut butter. And I like omelets. But I do not like peanut butter omelets. I like Jack Nicholson. I like Natalie Portman. I do not like them as romantic leads in a movie. I like cooking. I like pets. I do not like cooking my pets. I haven't experienced any of these things. Because I am pretty sure I wouldn't like them. Which is my same apprehension from listening to the new Chris Cornell R&B album. Sure, the Billie Jean cover was pretty cool. But that was a novelty. Trying to make a whole album of novelty songs...then you're make a Weird Al record.

The 11 Best Chris Cornell Songs:

1. You Know My Name (Carry On)
2. Sunshower (Great Expectations)
3. Can't Change Me (Euphoria Morning)
4. Killing Birds (Carry On)
5. Seasons (Singles)
6. Billie Jean (Carry On)
7. Flutter Girl (Euphoria Morning)
8. Moon Child (Euphoria Morning)
9. No Such Thing (Carry On)
10. Disappearing One (Euphoria Morning)
11. Mission (Euphoria Morning)

Buy Chris Cornell's new R&B album, Scream. Only $2.99! You can't even get a ringtone for that cheap!!


TJ said...

The Chris Cornell album takes a spin or two to warm up to. There's actually a lot of pretty cool stuff on the album. The biggest gripe I have is that there's not much give & take between Cornell & Timbaland, which is what creates the awkward moments on the album.

alt-gramma said...

Not that I've listened to everything Cornell has ever done, but I like his version of "Ave Maria," which is on a Christmas comp CD.

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