Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By The Great Lake Swimmers

I think what I love about the Great Lake Swimmers is they remind me of everything I loved about My Morning Jacket when I first discovered them. That bare bones approach to songwriting, where emotion far exceeds production value. Now that MMJ is using a production studio like it was a fulltime member of the band, there's been something lost from the days where they recorded in a grain silo. Though GLS has also ditched the days where they recorded on porches with the sounds of crickets keeping time, there is still something pure to the way they are making their music. No one wants to make pretzels and cheese all their lives. I get that. And I think the world would be a much better place if bands like Great Lake Swimmers and My Morning Jacket were dominating the airwaves over the Nickelbacks and Fall Out Boys. But it's nice to hear band through out a few nuggets to let the fans know they still remember what made them great in the first place.

Here are The 11 Best Songs By The Great Lake Swimmers:
1. Bodies and Minds (Bodies and Minds)
2. Your Rocky Spine (Ongiara)
3. I Saw You In The Wild (Bodies and Minds)
4. Moving Pictures Silent Films (Great Lake Swimmers)
5. Song For the Angels (Bodies and Minds)
6. Moving, Shaking (Great Lake Swimmers)
7. Gonna Make It Through This Year (Hands In the Dirty Ground)
8. Changing Colours (Ongiara)
9. Let's Trade Skins (Bodies and Minds)
10. Imaginary Bars (Bodies and Minds)
11. I Could Be Nothing (Bodies and Minds)
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p.harrison said...

1. This Is Not Like Home
2. I Saw You In The Wild
3. I Will Never See The Sun
4. Merge A Vessel A Harbour
5. Faithful Night, Listening

then everything else.

Fleet Foxes never really make me as happy and as free as Great Lake Swimmers do, but everyone I talk to think Fleet Foxes are the second coming.
I guess they'll never have their time in the sun but that's ok at least there are some people who get it.