Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Unknown: Pearl Jam - Found Cats

My quest to buy the new Pearl re-issue of "Ten" is a surefire sign of our times. I went to 4 different stores to find it: Best Buy, Target, Fryes, and Costco. Everyone had the typical 2-disc version. But no one carried the 3-disc (CD/DVD) version. I even went to one of the last standing CD stores in the Valley...they too were sold out. At this point, my focus is waning...the longer I have to think about purchasing it...the less I'm likely to do it.

I'm torn about the new Pearl Jam. I feel like the re-issue treatment falls a bit short. I am excited to hear the new remix of the album...but excited in the way I was to see the "updated" version of Star Wars. They were exciting once...then I went back to watching the old versions. I kinda feel the same way about Ten...sounds exciting once (no pun intended) but I know I'm going to prefer the original version. And the bonus tracks...though are all very very cool...where are the Ten B-sides? We've seen some on Lost Dogs...but what about I've Got a Feeling? And why a DVD of MTV Unplugged? Why not an audio version too?...or at least a download code to get it? Until it gets sorted's the remaining B-side studio tracks from PJ that didn't quite make the Lost Dogs cut.

Pearl Jam - Found Cats

1. I've Got A Feeling
2. Sonic Reducer
3. Angel
4. Crazy Mary
5. Leatherman
6. I Just Wanna Have Something To Do
7. Olympic Platinum
8. Someday At Christmas
9. Happy When I'm Crying
10. Love, Reign O'er Me
11. Long Road

Buy Pearl Jam's re-release of Ten now!


© geoffrey said...

Yeah, what's the point of the re-mix, right? Even if they were trying to re-write history, is that a history worth changing? No way.

Wish we could see more focus on the era, like more outtakes, video and b-sides.

Great post!

Chris said...

i personally appreciated the remixes. i've heard the singles from ten so many times I never bough it when I was younger and then when I did finally buy it I hardly listened to it because of the same reason.

so getting these new mixes made it a little fresher, something felt different.

as far as the b-sides go, can you fix the link to the first one i've never heard these tracks..

oh yeah, I was disappointed that they didn't include yellow ledbetter. how do you not include a b-side that became so popular it was a single or a hit.

Chris said...

actually all the songs with apostrophes are linked wrong or dead linked. thanks for the tunes!

acompleteunknown said...

Sorry Guys...this is one of the reasons I'll make the eventual jump from blogger. It's not the links that are broken...blogger just breaks all the links at the apostrophes. I have a sorta fix...hope it works.

miss helen said...

that worked perfectly, thanks so much!