Saturday, June 06, 2009

The 11 Best Songs By Jeff Buckley

In making these lists, I've always found that some artists pose a harder time being deconstructed than others. Many times, it's challenging to narrow a musical act's career down to just 11 songs...while other times it's a struggle just to find 11 songs that are even note-worthy enough to mention. Jeff Buckley has posed one of the most difficult lists I've ever done. What makes this most surprising is that the guy has only officially released one album....that only has 10 songs. This list should be a snap...all the songs from Grace...and a B-side. But Jeff was better than that. With numerous live releases, an expanded album and pseudo-second album, his arsenal is jam-packed with some of the most outstanding and unmatched melodies of the past 20 years. Coming out in the middle of the grunge era, Buckley's haunting melodies of love and loss was a sharp contrast to the Seattle rebellion. Now 12 years after his death, his music seems to have only aged with time, becoming not about how little he gave us while he was here...but about how much he had to give.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Jeff Buckley

1. Last Goodbye (Grace)
2. Lover, You Should Have Come Over (Grace)
3. Hallelujah (Grace)
4. Grace (Grace)
5. Nightmares By The Sea (Sketches)
6. Everybody Here Wants You (Sketches)
7. I Woke Up In A Strange Place (Mystery White Boy)
8. Forget Her (Grace - Expanded Edition)
9. Eternal Life (Grace)
10. What Will You Say (Mystery White Boy)
11. If You Knew (Live at Sin-E)

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Jorge Eduardo Vallarta said...

What about Mojo Pin? For me easily in my top 3.