Friday, February 05, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Midlake

Sarah Palin is fucking retarded. I mean this one of the dumbest controversies ever? When I say someone is fucking retarded...I'm not saying that they have Down's Syndrome...I'm saying they are a fucking idiot. Retarded means slow or stupid. That's the dictionary definition. Mentally retarded refers to people with Down's Syndrome. And since Rahm wasn't talking to anyone with Down's Syndrome...then everyone needs to shut the hell up.

Words can have two means. Even slang. Gay can mean happy. Fag can refer to a cigarette. Ass can mean donkey. Dick can be the ex-Vice President of the United States. Pussy can mean cat. Douche Bag can refer to a bag where you put used douches. And Retarded can refer to Sarah Palin.

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Here are the 11 Best Songs By Midlake:

1. Roscoe (The Trials of Van Occupanther)
2. Head Home (The Trials of Van Occupanther)
3. It Covers the Hillside (The Trials of Van Occupanther)
4. Kingfish Pies (Bamnan & Silvercork)
5. Van Occupanther (The Trials of Van Occupanther)
6. Some of Them Were Superstitous (Bamnan & Silvercork)
7. Chasing After Deer (The Trials of Van Occupanther)
8. Simple (Grand Army EP)
9. Young Bride (The Trials of Van Occupanther)
10. No One Knew Where We Were (Baman & Silvercork)
11. In This Camp (The Trials of Van Occupanther)

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princevince said...

the acoustic 'roscoe' is retarded good.