Monday, February 01, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By BT

Who watches Dora The Explorer? Not for fun...obviously with their kids or cousins or nieces... Is it just me or is Dora a moron? I mean seriously this has to be one of the dumbest kids ever. Why? Have you ever noticed...she's always lost. Every single episode this kid gets lost going to some place she's been 100 times before. And to make matters worse, she has talking GPS with her. What the hell is wrong with this Map? He's always taking her in the most dangerous route possible. She's going to her grandma's house and all of sudden she's stuck behind crocodile river. I mean really? Crocodiles? Where does this kid live? And what kind of parents are Dora's if they allow her to wander around this jungle unsupervised knowing it's filled with crocodiles. Do they really think her gay monkey is going to protect her? And when are they going to beat the crap out of Swiper. He's not their friend. He's a thief. When are they going to figure out that saying "swiper, no swiping" doesn't work? The fox comes back every episode and tries to steal more crap. What is that teaching kids? If someone catches you...just try again later when they're not looking. Dora needs to do to Swiper what we do to real criminals. Lock him up in a tiny jail cell with that Big Red Chicken...and well...we know what comes next...

Here Are The 11 Best Songs By BT:

1. Blue Skies (Ima)
2. Superfabulous (Emotional Technology)
3. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Movement In Still Life)
4. Love on Haight Street (Movement in Still Life)
5. Dreaming (Movement in Still Life)
6. Flaming June (ECSM)
7. Somnambulist (Emotional Technology)
8. Madskillz Mic Checka (Movement in Still Life)
9. Knowledge of Self (Emotional Technology)
10. Shame (Movement in Still Life)
11. The Antikythera Mechanism (This Binary Universe)

Buy BT's new album, These Hopeful Machines.


Luciano Bargmann said...

Great selection. I would put Godspeed in my top 3 - missed that on your list ;)


Benjamin Adams said...

Flaming June - Best Trance the 90's had to offer