Monday, March 22, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By The Drive-By Truckers

I spent the week in Vegas for March Madness. When I went in college, I was always blown away by the might and awe of Vegas. Anything was possible in Vegas. They built a mini-New York in Vegas...with a freaking roller coaster. But now that I'm older and more skeptical, Vegas has lost a lot of its polish. It seems that Vegas is frequented by one of three types of people: college students, seniors, and white trash. I'm not in college, I'm not old enough for social security, and I don't live in a trailer park. What happened to all the glamour and the glitz in Vegas? Where did all the beautiful people go? And it's not just the's the dealers. I remember dealers used to be young, hip taking a year off school. Or really hot girls. Now...most of the dealers are pudgy old men, with thinning hair, missing a percentage of teeth, covered in tattoos...and more than likely a registered sex offender. And you can't find a table for less than $25. I don't mind betting $25 per hand...but when I'm more afraid of the dealer than losing, then something needs to change. But maybe Vegas was always like this. Maybe I'm just older and wiser. I still lost $ maybe I'm not that much wiser.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Drive-By Truckers:

1. My Sweet Annette (Decoration Day)
2. The Day John Henry Died (The Dirty South)
3. The Sands of Iwo Jima (The Dirty South)
4. Sounds Better In The Song (Decoration Day)
5. The Righteous Path (Brighter Than Creation's Dark)
6. Margo and Harold (Pizza Deliverance)
7. The Boys From Alabama (The Dirty South)
8. The Buford Stick (The Dirty South)
9. Ronnie And Neil (Southern Rock Opera)
10. Puttin' People on the Moon (The Dirty South)
11. Where The Devil Don't Stay (The Dirty South)

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