Thursday, March 25, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Ted Leo & The Pharmacists

This week the epic health care bill passed. Will it work? Will it save millions of uninsured Americans from deciding between their health and bankruptcy? I have no idea. I hope it works. But I'm not a soothsayer. What I have a problem with are the "end of the world" scenarios that we've heard over the past few days. That the Health Care bill is the worst bill to ever be passed in the history of the United States. Really? Worse than slave laws? Come on. We're one of the only first world countries that doesn't have universal health care. We're not going down the road to ruin...we're actually running to catch-up with everyone else.

The truth is...the insurance companies screwed this system up. Want to blame anyone...blame them. Maybe the Health Care Bill won't solve anything...but the bill would have never come to pass if the insurance companies weren't so gluttonous. This is what happens in any business when the corporations get too greedy. Look at the music industry...they started charging $20 a CD and the people said..."no!" and found another way to get their music. This time for free.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Ted Leo:
1. St. John The Divine (The Tyranny of Distance)
2. Little Dawn (Shake The Sheets)
3. Parrellel or Together? (The Tyranny of Distance)
4. Hearts of Oak (Hearts of Oak)
5. Me and Mia (Shake The Sheets)
6. Bleeding Powers (Shake The Sheets)
7. Under The Hedge (The Tyranny of Distance)
8. The Lost Brigade (Living With The Living)
9. The One Who Got Us Out (Shake The Sheets)
10. Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead (Hearts of Oak)
11. Loyal To My Sorrowful Country (Sharkbite Sessions)
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