Friday, March 12, 2010

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

March Madness starts this week. And though the actual tournament doesn't begin until next week, the conference tournaments serve as a filling yet enticing appetizer to the main event. What makes March Madness so exciting to watch is the unpredictability. Anything can happen. Anyone can win. And anyone can lose.

Teams that have been picked to win it all have lost as early as the first game. And teams that no one picks to make it past the first game have made it to the Final Four. And some...have won it all.

The BRMC are a band of unpredictability. Thought of at one time as the murky saviors of rock n roll...the band has done everything in its power to do the exact opposite. Sometimes it works...sometimes it fails. Other times they flirt with brilliance as if only to tease their audience about they could be...if they wanted to.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club:
1. What Ever Happened To My Rock n Roll (BRMC)
2. We're All In Love (Take Them On, On Your Own)
3. As Sure As the Sun (BRMC)
4. Rifles (BRMC)
5. Stop (Take Them On, On Your Own)
6. Rise or Fall (Take Them On, On Your Own)
7. Weight of the World (Howl)
8. Mercy (Howl Sessions 2)
9. Love Burns (BRMC)
10. Not What You Wanted (Baby 81)
11. Done All Wrong (Twilight New Moon)
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