Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Next Best 11 Doors Songs:

Doing a top songs list by the Doors list would be pointless. Everyone knows the best songs by the Doors: Break on Through, Light My Fire, People are Strange, etc. I would just be telling you what you already know. So, instead, I'm digging deep in the Doors catalogue for the hidden gems. The rules for this list were such: no songs released as singles (B-sides are okay) and no songs that were featured on any of the Greatest Hits albums (and there have been quite a few). The result is a pretty solid list of songs that any band today would be jealous of.

Here are the Next Best 11 Doors Songs:

1. Ship Of Fools (Morrison Hotel)
2. Queen of the Highway (Morrison Hotel)
3. Take It As It Comes (The Doors)
4. Who Scared You (The Soft Parade B-Side)
5. The Soft Parade (The Soft Parade)
6. I Looked At You (The Doors)
7. Yes, The River Knows (Waiting For The Sun)
8. Maggie M'Gill (Morrison Hotel)
9. Unhappy Girl (Strange Days)
10. Hyacinth House (LA Woman)
11. Been Down So Long (LA Woman)

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