Monday, April 05, 2010

The 11 Best Songs By Slash's Snakepit

This weekend we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ with Easter. And what Easter activity exemplifies the teachings of JC more than anything? That's right, a hunt for chocolate eggs that were hidden by a magic bunny.

I took my little girls to the local park for a city-sponsored egg hunt. My littlest one is only 18-months the city had a special egg hunt for the toddlers. The only kids allowed were 2 and under. And the parents were told they could accompany the kids...but the parents were told over and over not to pick up the eggs themselves. The kids were to do it on their own. Now here's a question for everyone playing along at home. What percentage of parents listened? If you said win.

That's right...not one parent listened. Every one of them was ruthless. My 18-month-old daughter was literally flattened by a woman so large she had smaller woman orbiting her. This humongous lady was filling her daughter's basket to the rim. And her daughter couldn't even walk. She probably didn't even have all her teeth. What the heck is she going to do with 50 eggs filled with candy that can't even chew. The amount of greed exhibited on the grass that day goes against every teaching the JC ever uttered. How pissed must he be? The guy literally comes back from the dead to save our souls...and this is how we pay him back. I feel bad for the guy...and I'm Jewish.

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Here are the 11 Best Songs By Slash's Snakepit:

1. Been There Lately (Ain't Life Grand)
2. Beggars and Hangers-On (It's Five O'Clock Somewhere)
3. Neither Can I (It's Five O'Clock Somewhere)
4. Be The Ball (It's Five O'Clock Somewhere)
5. Landslide (Ain't Life Grand)
6. The Alien (Ain't Life Grand)
7. Back and Forth Again (It's Five O'Clock Somewhere)
8. Speed Parade (Ain't Life Grand)
9. I Hate Everybody (It's Five O'Clock Somewhere)
10. Life's Sweet Drug (Ain't Life Grand)
11. Take It Away (It's Five O'Clock Somewhere)

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