Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The 111 Best Unreleased, Shelved, Lost Albums

Recently I tried to find a comprehensive list of all the unreleased, shelved, lost albums.  It was almost impossible.  Most sites just had partial lists...missing many albums.  Some lists hadn't been updated in years.  Some lists only included albums that were pure speculation.  I wanted to create a big list that included as much as I could find.  Of course, since I had to make the list 111 albums, I decided to combine release by a single artist.  You should still get the idea.

Some of these albums were mildly released by the artists, in the form of demo tapes, but never had a proper release.  Some of the albums were shelved and have leaked (I have noted where this has happened).  Other albums featured tracks that would go on to be on new albums.  And some of the albums are only rumor and supposedly exist...we hope.  There is a huge list of Death Row releases that are supposedly sitting in the vaults somewhere...most of these are based on speculation and very few are known to actually exist.  That's not to say they aren't real...there's just no telling what is real at this point.

This is probably not everything...so if I'm missing something let me know!!...there's no reason I can't make a Part 2.

The 111 Best Unreleased, Shelved, Lost Albums:

1. 311 - Unity - first album (leaked)

2. 50 Cent – Power of A Dollar - first album (leaked)
3. Adam Ant – Persuasion - shelved
4. Atmosphere – Strictly Leakage - fan only internet giveaway (leaked)
5. Bad Radio – Tower Records/What The Funk Demos - Eddie Vedder's first band (leaked)
6. Bad Religion – Limited Edition - promo compilation of B-sides (leaked)
7. The Beach Boys – Smile - unreleased/unfinished follow-up to Pet Sounds
8. The Beastie Boys – Country Mike’s Greatest Hits - joke album made for friends (leaked)
9. The Beatles – Sessions - compilation of famous outtakes (scrapped)
10. The Beatles – A Toot and a Snore - last McCartney/Lennon studio session (leaked)
11. Beck – Modern Guilt (Acoustic) - internet video release (leaked)
12. Beck’s Record Club – Oar, Songs of Leonard Cohen, Velvet Underground, & Kick - Beck's cover album project.  4 albums all shown with video (leaked)
13. Ben Lee – Sings Against Me! New Wave - internet fan release (leaked)
14. Boise Cover Band (Doug Martsch) – Boise Cover Band - tour only (leaked)
15. Boston – Mother’s Milk - first production sessions (few tracks have emerged)
16. Brian Eno – My Squelchy Life - abandoned by Brian (some tracks have been used on other albums)
17. Brian Wilson – Adult child, Sweet Insanity - 2 lost albums abandoned
18. Bruce Springsteen – Ties That Bind - Original concept prior to The River. (some songs made it to other albums)
19. Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (Electric version) - myth only
20. Buffalo Springfield - Stampede - shelved by label
21. Butthole Surfers – After The Astronaut - shelved by label (leaked)
22. Cake – Live at the Crystal Palace - shelved by label
23. Nick Cannon - Stages - abandoned by Nick
24. Chicago – Stone of Sisyphus - rejected by label
25. Crust Brothers – Marquee Mark - Stephen Malkmus side-project (leaked)
26. Cybernauts (Def Leppard) - Live - self-released by band for limited mail order only (leaked)
27. Danger Mouse – The Grey Album - infamous mash-up album (leaked)
28. Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse – Dark Side of the Soul - shelved by label (leaked)
29. Dave Grohl/Foo Fighters – Pocketwatch - cassette only demo release (leaked)
30. Dave Mathews – Lillywhite Sessions - abandoned sessions (leaked)
31. David Bowie – Toy - shelved album
32. Dead Kennedys – 1978 Demos - rejected session
33. Dennis Wilson – Bamboo - shelved by label
34. Dixie Chicks – Thank Heavens For Dale Evans, Little Ol’ Cowgirl, Shouldn’t Have Told You That - 3 early demo albums prior to Natalie joining band (leaked)
35. Djali Zwan – Spun Soundtrack - Zwan's 2nd album was a soundtrack - shelved (leaked)
36. Dr. Dre & Ice Cube – Helter Skelter - lost in Death Row vaults
37. Duff McKagan’s Loaded – Dark Days - shelved by label (leaked)
38. Duran Duran - Reportage - abandoned follow-up to Astronaut
39. Eminem - Infinite - first album demo only release (leaked)
40. Foxy Brown – Ill Na Na 2 – The Fever - shelved (leaked)
41. Green Day – Cigarettes and Valentines - stolen from band
42. Hittman – Murda Weapon - shelved by label (leaked)
43. Ian McCullough/Johnny Marr - Untitled - abandonned by Ian and Johnny
44. Jewel (folk) – Save The Linoleum - first album promo (leaked)
45. Jewell (hip-hop) – Women To Women - shelved by Death Row
46. Jimi Hendrix – Black Gold - 4-track session with Jimi and a guitar (rumor)
47. John Fogerty – Hoodoo - shelved by label (leaked)
48. Johnette Napolitano – Sound of A Woman - shelved by label (leaked)
49. Juliana Hatfield – God’s Foot - shelved by label (leaked)
50. Jungle Brothers – Crazy Wisdom Masters - shelved (leaked)
51. Katy Perry – Katy Perry (A) - first album (leaked)
52. Korn – Korn Kovers - Korn covers their idols - abandonned
53. Kraftwerk – Technopop - early album shelved (leaked)
54. Lady of Rage - Eargasm - locked in Death Row vault
55. Large Professor – The LP - shelved (leaked)
56. Left Eye – N.I.N.A. - lost in vaults after her death (leaked)
57. Live (Public Affection) – Death of a Dictionary - first demo album (leaked)
58. Manchester Orchestra – Nobody Sings Anymore - first album shelved (leaked)
59. Mary Lou Lord – Real, TSWL (To Sir With Love) - 2 first self-released albums (leaked)
60. Master – 1985 Album - landmark thrash metal album shelved (leaked)
61. MC Hammer & 2 Pac – Too Tight - yes, this is real.  lost in Death Row Vault (leaked)
62. Metallica – The Presido Album - abandoned 2001 album (partially leaked)
63. Mic Jagger and the Red Devils – Checkin’ Up On My Baby - shelved (leaked)
64. Monty Python – Hastily Cobbled Together For A Fast Buck - shelved (leaked)
65. Mountain Goats – Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg - shelved (leaked)
66. Neil Young – Chrome Dreams, Home Grown - 2 albums abandoned by Neil (many songs ended up on later albums)
67. Nate Dogg – Nate Dogg - lost in Death Row Vault
68. Nickelback - Hesher - first self-released album
69. Oasis – MTV Unplugged - abandonned with Liam refused to sing (leaked)
70. ODB – A Son Unique - posthumous release on hold (leaked)
71. Okkervil River – Golden Opportunities - rareties album fan only internet release (leaked)
72. On A Friday (Radiohead) - Demos - early Radiohead tracks (leaked)
73. Peter Gabriel – I/O - abandoned by Peter
74. Petey Pablo – Same Eyez on Me - Lost in Death Row Vault (leaked)
75. Pink Floyd – Household Objects - rumored album by band using only utensils
76. Prefab Sprout – Michael Jackson: Behind The Veil, Zorro The Fox, Princess Diana Opera, Earth: The Story So Far - 4 albums shelved by Patty McAloon
77. Prince – Crystal Ball (1986), Black Album, Camille, Dream Factory - 4 abandonned albums (many tracks ended up on other albums)
78. Q-Tip – Open - shelved by label (leaked)
79. Quicksand – Untitled 3rd Album - 1998 album abandoned by band (leaked)
80. Ray Davies – 80 Days - shelved by label
81. Rilo Kiley – The Initial Friend - first self-released album(leaked)
82. Rival Schools - II - shelved album (leaked)
83. Ryan Adams – Suicide Handbook, 48 Hours, Destroyer, Elizabethtown Demos, Pinkheart Sessions - 4 albums abandoned by Ryan (leaked)
84. Ryan Adams – Darkbreaker, Black Hole, The Strokes’ Is This It - rumored to exist
85. RZA – The Cure - shelved
86. Seal - Togetherland - shelved by label (leaked)
87. Shaquille O’Neal – Superfriends - shelved by label
88. Sisqo – Unreleased Album - abandonned by Sisqo
89. Smashing Pumpkins – Reel Time Demos - first sessions (leaked)
90. Snoop Dogg – Smokefest - limited album for friends (leaked)
91. Snoop Dogg – Doggumentary - lost Death Row album (leaked)
92. Soundgarden – B-Sides - follow-up to A-sides (many songs previously released)
93. Space – Love You More than Football - shelved by label
94. Stalk-Forrest Group – St. Cecila - Blue Oyster Cult's psychadelic album (leaked)
95. Tha Dogg Pound – Dogg Sh*t - lost in Death Row vault
96. The Strokes – Live in London - shelved by label (leaked)
97. TGT (Tank, Ginuwine, Tyrese) – TGT The Album - abandoned by rappers
98. Trey Anastasio – The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday - early solo album (leaked)
99. Triple Fast Action – T3FA - giveaway by lead singer Wes Kidd (leaked)
100. Tupac/Makaveli – One Nation - lost in Death Row Vault.
101. Tupac & Outlawz – War Wounds - Lost in Death Row Vault
102. Weezer – Songs From The Black Hole - abandonned by Rivers
103. Whiskeytown – Freightwhaler, Those Weren’t the Days, Fucker - 3 unused sessions (leaked)
104. The Who - Lifehouse - Pete's baby - many songs went on to be other albums
105. Wicked Lester (KISS) – Wicked Lester - Kiss' first album (leaked)
106. Tapeworm (Trent Reznor/Maynard Keenan) – The Tapeworm Project - abandoned by artists
107. The The – Gun Sluts - shelved by label (leaked)
108. Tori Amos – Y Cant Tori Read - shelved by label (leaked)
109. Xero (Linkin Park) - Xero - first album (leaked)
110. Zack de la Rocha – Solo Album - shelved by label in lieu of Rage reunion
111. Ziggy Marley – Children Playing – shelved – partially leaked

Happy hunting!!!


Chris said...

My favorite unreleased album that I've gotten a hold of (after years of hearing about it) is the Toadies "Feeler", parts of it definitely made it beyond that album but very little made it onto the next release or even to b-sides considering the lack of support they got after Rubberneck.

also, Fiona Apple's first version of Extraordinary Machine, Team Sleep's unreleased LP or demo's, Deftones have an unreleased album "Eros" due to their bassist going into a coma, Self "Ornament and Crime", also the Mountain Goats "Jack and Faye" EP that was put up online for free

I'll post more if I can think of any others.

torvoris said...

pudgee's album KING OF NEW YORK was anticipated in the summer of 96 after his single "money don't make the world stop" was on rap city every day and and radio non stop. it never dropped though.

Pinkchimney said...

Does anyone by any chance have the Triplefastaction demos? I'd love to listen to them. Feel free to shoot me an email. I can trade a live TFA show in return.



Go Habs Go said...

If anyone has Duran durans Reportage please send me at least one song. Send it to:


Marty E. said...

The Duff McKagan album that your referring to was NOT the Duff/Loaded album Dark Days (which was released)....the Duff McKagan album that wasn't released was his second solo album, Beautiful Disease. You should correct that.

Marty E. said...

The Duff McKagan/Loaded Dark Days album was released.

The Duff McKagan album that you're referring to that was shelved was his second solo album for Geffen, Beautiful Disease.

joseph kyle said...

an interesting list, but it must be noted that those Dixie Chicks albums were actual, official releases, released on a legitimate record label, and were NOT demo albums or lost albums. They were taken out of print by the Dixie Chicks' new legal team, as a vengeance move against the band's leader, whom they had fired, who was threatening to sue them.

Hugo Lía said...

There's one album missed in the list: Music for Supermarkets (Musique pour Supermarché) by Jean-Michel Jarre.
The album was pressed just once, and the master tapes and plates were destroyed when the only copy was auctioned in 1983.