Monday, August 22, 2011

The 11 Best Solo Songs By Stephen Malkmus

This past week I took a vacation traveling the New England states on a needed vacation.  Besides being my first trip to many of these states and enjoying a "must-see" part of the US, I also tried out my Spotify mobile account for the first time.  It was a surreal experience literally having control of hearing any song I wanted at a moment's notice.  The possibilities were literally endless.  So, what did I take the most advantage of listening to?  Collector's Editions.  All those remastered albums with unreleased discs of b-sides and live tracks.  Most of these were the albums I wasn't willing to shell out $30 to re-buy an album I already had just to hear some songs that weren't good enough to make the album in the first place.  It was like opening a secret treasure chest that you found hidden up in your grandparents attic.  Though not every song was a winner, I felt a sense of victory knowing that I wasn't married to any of these tracks.  I had the freedom to disregard them any time I wanted...and re-listen with the same freedom.  There was one album missing for the search.  Pavement's much needed expanded edition to Terror Twilight.  With four just seems cruel to make us wait for the final album.  And Pavement expanded edition are far superior to any others.  Let's hope after this solo outing...Malkmus helps gets us the TT special edition we deserve.

The 11 Best Tracks By Stephen Malkmus:

1.      Jo Jo’s Jacket (Stephen Malkmus)
2.      Phantasies (Stephen Malkmus)
3.      Freeze The Saints (Face The Truth)
4.      Dynamic Calories (Dark Wave EP)
5.      We Can’t Help You (Real Emotional Trash)
6.      The Hook (Stephen Malkmus)
7.      Ramp of Death (Pig Lib)
8.      Jenny and the Ess-Dog (Stephen Malkmus)
9.      Real Emotional Trash (Real Emotional Trash)
10.  Fractions & Feelings (Dark Wave EP)
11.  Discretion Grove (Stephen Malkmus)

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