Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The 11 Best Songs By Cansei De Ser Sexy

I recently took a plane trip from LA to Boston and can't believe the overrated service of Virgin Airlines.  Everyone raved about the airline.  It was an all around better experience.  I have to say I was taken in by the sexy music being played when I checked in.  Even the plane had a softer atmosphere when I boarded the plane and was pleasantly impressed by the nice new seats.  But after the initial allure, the ride grew tired and the same old thing quickly.  People want two things when they fly:  to be fed...and to be entertained.  Virgin got a passing grade on only one of these.  Yes, it was nice to have TVs in the back of the seats and the ability to watch movies and TV.  But only the TV was free.  The movies cost $8.  That's more expensive than going to see a movie in the theater.  On the plane, it's on a smaller screen and in a worse environment.  Nowadays, when everyone has movies on their digital devices, why would you charge so much?  I can get it for free...or $8 from you.  Guess which one I'm going to do.  The food thing baffles me.  When people are fed...they are happier, easier to manage, and cause less problems.  The food costs almost nothing.  But instead of making people feel they're charging $9 for a crappy turkey sandwich.  It's this kind of nickel and diming that the music industry did to customers that just killed them.  There are not a lot of free options to the airlines...yet.  But there's no better way to make customers figure out a way around flying than to piss them off.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Cansei De Ser Sexy:

1.  How I Became Paranoid (Donkey)
2.  Music Is My Hot Hot Sex (CSS)
3.  Rat Is Dead (Donkey)
4.  Jager Yoga (Donkey)
5.  Fuckoff Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show (CSS)
6.  Let's Make Love and Listen To Sex From Above (CSS)
7.  Left Behind (Donkey)
8.  Move (Donkey)
9.  This Month, Day 10 (CSS)
10.  One Way Or Another (B-Side)
11.  Knife (Friend)

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