Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By The Hives

I don't think it's right to not talk about the ridiculous success of the ice hockey's L.A. Kings.  Now that they're up 3-0 in the Stanley Cup Finals, I'm hoping that it's pretty safe to talk about their winning streak without jinxing it.  Only twice has any team ever come back from a 3-0 deficit (sure, once being in hockey).  But I figure at this point even if it does happen...that will at least give me something else to talk about.  I keep trying to explain how insane the Kings playoff run to people.  Non-sports people are still baffled by the concept that it's sports...but even sports people (who are not hockey fans) don't seem to be too blown away.  Here's the deal...the Kings were not even supposed to make the playoffs.  They barely won the final playoff spot sliding in as an 8th seed.  They then went one to beat the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team in their division...and they didn't just beat them in a last second Tebow-like out-of-their-ass fashion...they've been blowing people out like they were the Jordan-led Chicago Bulls.  They've only lost twice in the playoffs.  Their playoff record is an astounding 15-2...against the best teams in the league.  How is this possible?  First place teams don't even do this well...let alone the last place stragglers.  Let me put this in perspective.  This would be like Ron Paul running for President as an Independent and winning 48 of the 50 states in the General Election (Obama of course winning Illinois and Romney winning Utah).  Their run is truly amazing...and it can only be explained by the team's persistence.  There's a good chance that on Wednesday....history will be made.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Hives:

  1. B Is for Brutus  (Tyrannosaurus Hives)
  2. You...Got It All Wrong (The Black and White Album)
  3. Won't Be Long (The Black and White Album)
  4. Hate To Say I Told You So (Veni Vidi Vicious)
  5. AKA I-D-I-O-T (Barely Legal)
  6. A Little More For Little You (Tyrannosaurus Hives)
  7. Main Offender (Veni Vidi Vicious)
  8. Tick Tick Boom (The Black and White Album)
  9. Automatic Schmuck (Barely Legal)
  10. A Get Together To Tear It Apart (Veni Vidi Vicious)
  11. Theme From... (Barely Legal)
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Unknown said...

The Kings are just a team that hit their stride at the right time and more importantly they have a HOT goaltender. That's why the season is just a way to determine who makes the playoffs, not who will win them.

Unknown said...
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mgood27 said...

Think You might of jinxed it. But good post none the less they are now 15-3 in the playoff which is still outstanding.