Friday, June 01, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Public Image Ltd.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend I hadn't seen and barely talked to in six years.  Even though hundreds of things had happened in that span of time including how different our lives were now from's was crazy how we could just sit down and seamlessly pick up where we left off.

The odds of a new PiL album being good (even being listenable) were extremely low.  Especially considering how unlistenable some of their older stuff already was.  It's been twenty years since John Lyndon has even bothered to pick up a mic and sing anything original.  Many were worried there might be cameos by Ke$ha and Bieber...on the same song.  Would PiL sellout to stay afloat?  Surprisingly, the new album upholds many of the experimental principles that were so prevalent on their 70s and early 80s releases.  I honestly don't know how an album like this even managed to get released.  It doesn't follow any mainstream production tactics but is far more enjoyable than almost anything that has come out this year.  Lyndon still has it...thankfully...for us.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Public Image Ltd.:

  1. This Is Not A Love Song (This Is What You Want...This Is What You Get)
  2. Rise (Album)
  3. Public Image (First Album)
  4. Seattle (Happy?)
  5. Like That (9)
  6. Home (Album)
  7. Unfairground (That What Is Not)
  8. Attack (First Album)
  9. Under the House (Flowers of Romance)
  10. Open and Revolving (Happy?)
  11. Warrior (9)
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What, no Metal Box songs?