Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Fiona Apple

For many of you who don't know...I've two sites.  It's the same blog post but just posted on two different sites.  The other one is (www.goodbadunknown.com).  I haven't jumped over to it because of the exhaustive amount of spam comments I get.  How many you ask?  About a million in the past six months.  Yes, one million.  So I only use it as a back up now because of these douche bag russian idiots trying to sell viagra to music bloggers.   Seriously dudes...know your audience.  No wonder you lost the cold war.

Recently I got a personal email from one of the spammers asking that their link be removed from my site because it no longer corresponded with their advertising agenda.  Really?  You put up your link on my site without my permission...basically hijacking my page for your marketing agenda...and now you want my help taking it down because you're afraid of associating your shitty project with my fanbase?  I don't know who is crazier...you or Fiona.

That's not nice...I used to be neighbors with Fiona.  She's a cool chick...just wish she put out albums more than once every five years.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Fiona Apple:

  1. The Way Things Are (When The Pawn Hits...)
  2. Criminal (Tidal)
  3. Fast As You Can (When The Pawn Hits...)
  4. Limp (When The Pawn Hits...)
  5. Used To Love Him (Extraordinary Machine Bootleg Version)
  6. Shadowboxer (Tidal)
  7. Get Him Back (Extraordinary Machine Official Version)
  8. Paper Bag  (When The Pawn Hits...)
  9. Not About Love (Extraordinary Machine Bootleg Version)
  10. Get Gone (When The Pawn Hits...)  
  11. Sleep To Dream (Tidal)

Buy Fiona Apple's new album...The Idler Wheel...now!!!

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SteveA said...

I gotta rank Shadowboxer at #1. I saw her live a few years ago, and she was so ladylike in her manner of dress, and great delivery on all her tracks - very memorable!