Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Metric

We need more strong women in rock.  It's a sad dirty plague of pop fraudulent sexless bombs that have permeated the airwaves for far too long.  Where are the axe-grinding, glass-ceiling busting destroyers that the Runaways promised us?  Courntey Love is an embarrassment.  Amy Lee is a novelty at best.  Sleater-Kinney kicked a bunch of hard ass like they were gun-toting truck drivers pounding the shit out of over-privileged youth at a 99%er rally.  But that's the exception...not the rule. The rest of the women in music may be able to knock a crowd flat at a karaoke bar at last call on a Sunday night but as role models...well, we could do a whole lot better.  Katy Perry is as much a fabricated songstress as her music.  Rhianna's gnarly-looking tattoos didn't do her much good when she was Chris Brown sparring partner.  And Lady Gaga might want to be Laverne to Madonna's Shirley...but she needs to stop showing up dressed like Squiggy.

Emily Haines still may not be able to hang out with Lita Ford in a dark alley smoking unfiltered cigarettes...but if Metric ever opens for Coldplay...Chris Martin will be the one wearing the dress.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Metric:

  1. Gimme Sympathy (Fantasies)
  2. Empty (Live It Out)
  3. On The Sly (Grow Up and Blow Away)
  4. Dead Disco (Old World Underground)
  5. Gold Gun Girls (Fantasies)
  6. Eclipse I'm All Yours (Twilight Eclipse)
  7. Sick Muse (Fantasies)
  8. Hustle Rose (Old World Underground)
  9. Live It Out (Live It Out)
  10. Satellite Mind (Fantasies)
  11. Black Sheep (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)
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Anonymous said...

Check out Dead Sara... they are very new but they probably fit the bill of what you want.

gallowaeus said...

Royal Thunder shreds it as well.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe that "Grow Up" wasn't included.

Jake Williams said...

Oh man... I can't believe you left out Stadium Love from Fantasies

Unknown said...

My favorite Metric song is probably Stadium Love.

Unknown said...

I've always loved "Stadium Love" from Fantasies.