Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By dispatch

There's no better example of East Coast/West Coast divide than with the band Dispatch.  Dispatch is an East Coast college staple.  You couldn't get a diploma from an Eastern Time Zone college in the late 90s if you hadn't spent one night baking out to Bang Bang or Silent Steeples.  But if you went to school on the West Coast...the mere mention of the term "dispatch" made you think the cops were on the way to break up your party.  The only people on the West Coast who even know who the band were...are transplants from the East Coast who brought their box of CDs with them.  You never heard their albums thrown into mixes because they were always outvoted in Southern California by Sublime and in Northern California by Primus...and in Pac Norwest by Soundgarden (still!). Maybe a 12 year hiatus is what the band needs to seep into the audio pores of the rest of the country.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Dispatch:
  1. Flying Horses (Silent Steeples)
  2. Time Served  (Who Are We Living For?)
  3. Lightning (Who Are We Living For?)
  4. Mission (Bang Bang)
  5. Railway (Bang Bang)
  6. Mayday  (Silent Steeples)
  7. Even  (Who Are We Living For?)
  8. Melon Bend (Dispatch EP)
  9. Headlights (Who Are We Living For?)
  10. Turn This Ship Around (Dispatch EP)
  11. Cover This (Four Day Trials)
Buy Dispatch's new album, Circles Around The!!

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