Saturday, August 04, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By The Toadies

Why is it that this Chick Fil A issue has only made me want a chicken sandwich more than ever?

I'm not sure I even understand the controversy.  All the CEO did was say that he believed in the traditional definition of marriage. Hundreds of people say this every day.  Granted...who the heck knows what the "traditional" definition of marriage is anyway? Wasn't it that woman are property?  That said...even if the the guy believed that, what difference does it make what he thinks inside his head?  As long as he doesn't discriminate against hiring or serving people of a different sexual orientation then it shouldn't matter his beliefs. (kind of ironic, huh?)  In-N-Out Burger and California Chicken Cafe have very religious owners...who cares as long as the food is good?  50% of America doesn't believe in same sex marriage...are you going to protest every other person who walks down the street?  All that's going to accomplish is heightening adversity from the other side.

My problem with the controversy is how Chick Fil A handled it...especially when the Muppets pulled out.  Instead of owning their position and letting it go.  They tried to spin it.  First it started with fake signs about defective make it seem like The Muppets were the bad guys.  That was a douche bag move.  Then sending the fake people out onto Facebook and Twitter.  That's douchey times two.  That is deceptive and in my opinion, far worse than their private ideologies.  At least their ideologies were their honest opinions.  This campaign of spin is just straight up lies.

Guess I'll stick to Freebirds and Five Guys this weekend.

Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Toadies:

  1. Tyler (Rubberneck)
  2. Possum Kingdom (Rubberneck)
  3. Away (Rubberneck)
  4. Push The Hand (Hell Below /Stars Above)
  5. Doll Skin (Hell Below/Stars Above)
  6. Pressed Against the Sky (Hell Below/Stars Above)
  7. Little Sin (Hell Below/Stars Above)
  8. Jigsaw Girl (Hell Below/Stars Above)
  9. You'll Come Down (Hell Below/Stars Above)
  10. Sweetness (Hell Below/Stars Above)
  11. A Forest (No Feeler)
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* Today's list brought to you by guest blogger, Jesse Lawson.

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Chris said...

I'm really surprised this whole thing is sticking around as long as it has. More importantly, I don't know how I missed the new Toadies coming out! I've been excited about it ever since I saw it listed on your 2012 voting poll. I also just figured out that Chino & Shaun are behind Crosses.

Just for fun, new stuff I've got lately:
Sebadoh "Secret EP", Squarepusher "Ubafulum" & Love as Laughter "Greks II" all very enjoyable.