Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Green Day of the Teens

This is something I never do.  I never include new songs from new releases in my lists.  But Green Day has done something this year that has never been done either...they've released three albums in four months.  So if they can break the rules, then so can I.  Granted I'm breaking a rule I've self-imposed upon myself and the only one I have to answer to is me...but let's not think about that.

I've been going through my old Rolling Stones magazines for a project I'm working on.  I have twenty years of Rolling Stones.  And I've kept all of them.  Reading old stories about bands in retrospect has some incredible insight about what music we thought had potential...and what truly did.  From reading articles about breaking artists like Amy Winehouse, The Killers, and Arcade Fire to interviews with a rising young Senator named Barack Obama, who swears he will not be running for President in 2008.  The names of the past like Amy Grant, Jesus Jones and Chris Whitley.  Or how Green Day is talked about like they are a passing fad while Candlebox is the air apparent to Led Zeppelin's throne.  Truer words have never been spoken.

The 11 Best Songs By Green Day of the Teens:

  1. Kill the DJ (Uno!)
  2. Lazy Bones (Dos!)
  3. Stay The Night (Uno!)
  4. Let Yourself Go (Uno!)
  5. Ashley (Dos!)
  6. Sex, Drugs and Violence (Tre!)
  7. Nuclear Family (Uno!)
  8. Stray Heart (Dos!)
  9. 99 Revolutions (Tre!)
  10. Dirty Rotten Bastards (Tre!)
  11. Nightlife (Dos!)
Buy Green Day's new album, Tre!

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