Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Albums of 2012 (45-55):

Here it is.  My countdown of my favorite albums of 2012.  Though it's not a surprising #1 number one surprises me...because I don't love the album.  Anyway, you'll have to wait to see what that is...until's time for your input.

Every year I ask you, my readers, to give me your twenty best/favorite albums.  The only rule...the album has to have been released in 2012.  That's it.

You don't need 20...if you only have 10...5...or even if you only like one release...that's fine!  Just post your top picks in the comment section.  Or email me.  And I'll add them all together and post the tally on January 1st (roughly).  Last year we had over 200 people vote...let's see if you we can top that this year.

The Best Albums of 2012 (45-55):

45.  Trust - TRST
46.  Calvin Harris - 18 Months
47.  Gaslight Anthem - Handwritten (Bonus Track)
48.  Mumford And Sons - Babel
49.  Rival Sons - Head Down
50.  Father John Misty - Fear Fun
51.  Fun. - Some Nights
52.  Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas
53.  Pinback - Information Retrieved
54.  Metric - Synthetica
55.   EL-P - Cancer For Cure

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Chris said...

I'm glad to see fun.'s album made it on your list. I remember you were a lil' resistant.. although it did get to a point of no resistance when their songs were (and still are) everywhere.

in no order
1. ben folds five "the sound of life of the mind"
2. classics of love s/t
3. cloud nothings "attack on memory"
4. conversations with enemies "the good times"
5. defiance ohio "the calling" ep
6. everclear "invisible stars" (i saw everclear this year and they were terrible)
7. forgetters s/t
8. fun. "some nights"
9. Goodnight lights "As far as the moon" (amazing and free)
10. aesop rock "skeleton"
11. battles "dross glop"
12. japandroids "celebration rock"
13. john k samson "provincial"
14. macklemore & ryan lewis "the heist"
15. the mountain goats "transcendental youth"
16. rhett miller "the dream"/"the interpreter" live at largo
17. sebadoh "secret ep"
18. sir dove "stay home"
19. yellow ostrich "strange land" amazing

I think that covers my loves of this year. It was a pretty awesome year overall. started out kind of slow.