Monday, December 31, 2012

The 11 Best Songs By Ty Segall of 2012

While Ryan Adams was sleeping, Ty Segall decided to fill our stocking with three full length albums this year.  Maybe Ty made Green Day jealous.  In all fairness to Ryan, he did put out a 15-disc live vinyl box set.  Yeah, he did.

While some people have embraced Ty's proliferation, many people are criticizing him for putting out too much sub par material.  While not everything is great...there was still a lot of awesome songs stuffed into the three albums.  Enough songs that I could have done 22 top songs...and it still would have been a quality list.  I've always found it a strange how critics lament about the length of time an album took.  I understand the "rushed" feeling...but Beck made a slew of albums all recorded in a day.  And all of them sound fresh.  It should matter if an album took 1 year or 10 years to should only matter on the quality of the product.  And there are many albums that take years to make...and they're still loaded with filler songs.

Here are Ty Segall's 11 Best Songs from 2012:

  1. You're The Doctor (Twins)
  2. Thank God For Sinners (Twins)
  3. The Black Glove/Rag (Hair)
  4. The Hill (Twins)
  5. Tell Me What's Inside Your Heart (Slaughterhouse)
  6. Crybaby (Hair)
  7. The Tongue (Slaughterhouse)
  8. Diddy Wah Diddy (Slaughterhouse)
  9. Easy Ryder (Hair)
  10. There Is No Tomorrow (Twins)
  11. Scissor People (Hair)
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