Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Unknown: Warpaint

Though the city is never given enough credit for its contributions, Los Angeles has given birth to an array of legendary bands.  There are the bands that are really a collection of artists from other places:  Guns N Roses, The Doors, and Jane's Addiction. And there are also those bands that have been born and raised here:  Van Halen, Rage Against the Machine, and the Beach Boys.  The list is endless.  From punk pioneers like Bad Religion and Fear to rap's west coast roots with N.W.A. and Snoop Dogg.  There are leaders of the 90s alternative angst with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck, and The Offspring.  And of course the hair metal giants of the 80s with Motley Crue, Quiet Riot and Warrant. With a resume like this, any band with the guts to admit their from the Hollywood strip or anywhere adjacent (I'm looking at you Orange County), they must have elephant-sized confidence that their creative vision will add something to the legendary tapestry.
Warpaint is one of two LA-based bands releasing their sophomore albums this week.  (Haven't forgotten about Young The Giant)  Warpaint's debut arrived with muted fanfare and a subtle punch that crept in while we were sleeping and slowly infected us with its allure.  Their new release lands with a mighty punch that is every bit seedy as is it illustrious.  If any new band is brave enough to admit their from LA and has the music that embodies the essence of the Hollywood strip and its resume, Warpaint is leading the crusade.

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