Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Against Me!

Against Me! has never shied away from being controversial.  They have always belted out rebellious punk anthems with a military swagger and a thumping musical heartbeat.  They played with such ferocity that there was no doubt there was an inner turmoil propelling the band's emotional energy.  Since the last album (White Crosses), the band has made a bold, yet, once again controversial decision.  This is a decision that has tipped their fan base upside-down with confusion and anger.  Just as many fans have embraced this change as those who have turned their backs on them.  It's as if the fan's connection with the music would be tarnished because of the the band's personal choices.  As if the music would have less meaning because it was made under different circumstances.  Some believe their choice leaves them lacking credibility while others have praised their bold statement.
I'm of course talking about the band's choice to leave Sire records and self-produce their new album.  It's a big shift for a band with such a heavy legacy.  But the same intense criticism was hurled their way when the band originally signed with a record label.  Their fans at the time accused them of being sell-outs.  But the band persevered, which they will absolutely do again. They accomplish this by authentic at all costs, because nothing makes you a better artist than being your "true" self. 
Here are the 11 Best Songs By Against Me!:
  1. I Was A Teenage Anarchist (White Crosses)
  2. Cliche Guevara (As The Eternal Cowboy)
  3. New Wave (New Wave)
  4. Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners (Searching For A Former Clarity)
  5. White Crosses (White Crosses)
  6. Thrash Unreal (New Wave)
  7. White People for Peace (New Wave)
  8. Mutiny On The Electric Bay (As The Eternal Cowboy)
  9. Stop! (New Wave)
  10. Justin (Searching For A Former Clarity)
  11. Borne on the FM Waves of the Heart (New Wave)
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