Friday, June 06, 2014

The 11 Best Non-Album Tracks By Soundgarden

When albums are given the ever-to-often "remastered" treatment, it's not the remastering that we get excited about.  I have yet to hear a remaster that has improved on the original.  Sometimes the mix is just different...and that's fine...but when they take out all the background noise and heighten all the levels, it makes it sound less human and less warm.  The only thing we truly care about when remasters come out are the bonus tracks and unreleased material.  Soundgarden's 4-disc set promises just that.  This is the only reason to get "remastered" sets.  These sets are a behind-the-scenes look into the making of pivotal albums.  And if you don't have this in your set...then your set is basically a remix album.  Nothing more.
Here are the 11 Best Non-Album Tracks By Soundgarden:
  1. Birth Ritual (Singles Soundtrack)
  2. Cold Bitch (Outshined/Spoonman)
  3. She Likes Surprises (Superunknown Japanese Bonus Track)
  4. Bleed Together (Burden in My Hand)
  5. Karaoke (Burden in My Hand)
  6. Kyle Petty, Son of Richard (Fell On Black Days)
  7. Sub Pop Rock City (Sub Pop 200)
  8. Big Bottom (Hands All Over)
  9. Toy Box (Flower)
  10. Heretic (Deep Six)
  11. Blind Dogs (The Basketball Diaries Soundtrack)
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