Monday, July 21, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By Braid

Braid is yet another band to make a comeback that only continues to confirm the musical genius of the '90s.  Born out of the so-called emo movement (that was as obtuse of a term for music as "alternative" was), the band's fanbase has grown bigger and stronger during their 15-year hiatus than it did while they were a band.  Bob Nanna tried to escape the pressure of the frothing Braid fans by feeding them scraps of his later projects, The City on Film and Hey Mercedes, but that was like feeding vegetables to a pack of lions.  They ate it so they wouldn't die...but they were starving inside.  The Braid reunion tour was a good appetizer followed by the free EP starter plate...but what the fans truly wanted was a new album.  Nanna is giving them what they wanted.  Though, the new album won't give Braid fans everything they want...but the only way to truly satisfy those rabid Braiders is fire up the Delorean and speed back to 1998.
Here are the 11 Best Songs By Braid:
  1. A Dozen Roses (Frame And Canvas)
  2. First Day Back (Frame And Canvas)
  3. Killing A Camera (Frame And Canvas)
  4. Summer Salt (Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five)
  5. The New Nathan Detroits (Frame And Canvas)
  6. Nineteen 75 (The Age Of Octean)
  7. Do Over (Closer To Closed)
  8. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (Movie Music Volume 2)
  9. Jimmy Go Swimmer (The Age Of Octean)
  10. Brass Knuckle Sandwich (Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five)
  11. Grace Car Part One (The Age Of Octean) 
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