Monday, August 11, 2014

The 11 Best Songs By The Civil Wars

For anyone who followed the career of The Civil Wars, it came as no surprise when they announced last week that they were breaking up.  The band hasn't played live in 18 months.  They never toured for their sophomore album, let alone do much publicity for it.  And from many rumors, it seems that Joy Williams and John White have almost no contact with each other.  And we thought Guns N Roses had problems.  If I had to guess, there was too much pressure for super stardom allotted on this modest band.  Fame demolishes even the best of them...not even The Beatles could survive it.  From Michael Jackson and Smashing Pumpkins covers to heartfelt folky bluegrass anthems, the Civil Wars had something unique to offer.  It's sad to seem them go...but I'm sure there will be more to hear from them in the future. Here are the 11 Best Songs By The Civil Wars:
  1. Eavesdrop (The Civil Wars)
  2. I've Got A Friend (Barton Hallow)
  3. My Father's Father (Barton Hallow)
  4. The One That Got Away (The Civil Wars)
  5. Birds of A Feather (Barton Hallow)
  6. Poison & Wine (Barton Hallow)
  7. Barton Hollow (Barton Hallow)
  8. Pressing Flowers (Poison & Wine)
  9. Billie Jean (Between The Bars)
  10. Dust To Dust (The Civil Wars)
  11. Finding North (A Place At The Table)
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