Wednesday, August 16, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Best Songs By Members of Jane's Addiction (that are not Jane's Addiciton songs)

Part 2 from yesterday's post, I'll further delve into the career of the Jane's Addiction members since their break-up in 1991. Yes, they reunited in 2003 but let's just forget about that for the time being.

Jane's Addiction was like that elusive "cool" group of friends from high school that everyone liked and always seemed to be at the cool parties. Everytime you hung out with them you had the best time. But no one was actually friends with them. They were just kind of there to spice up a party or use their hijinks to make a math class more entertaining. Then as soon as school ended they fell off the face of the map. And though you were never close with them in school, you always wondered what happened to them. Well, here's a quick run down of the highlights from Jane's Addiction's member's post high school (the band) career.

The 11 Best Songs By Members of Jane's Addiction (that are not Jane's Addiciton songs):

  1. Song Yet To Be Sung - Perry Farrell (Song Yet To Be Sung)
  2. Tahitian Moon - Porno For Pyros (God's Good Urge)
  3. Hungry - Dave Navarro (Trust No One)
  4. 100 Ways - Porno For Pyros (God's Good Urge)
  5. Coffee Shop - Red Hot Chili Peppers & Dave Navarro (One Hot Minute)
  6. Pets - Porno For Pyros (Porno For Pyros)
  7. Oh My God - Guns N Roses & Dave Navarro (End of Days Sdtk.)
  8. Infecto Groovalistic - Infectious Grooves & Stephen Perkins (The Plague That Makes Your Body Move)
  9. Hot Lava - Perry Ferrell (South Park Soundtrack)
  10. Porno For Pyros - Porno For Pyros (Porno For Pyros)
  11. Iris - Deconstruction (Deconstruction)

ipod fodder:

1. Ripple - Jane's Addiction (Grateful Dead cover)

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