Monday, August 28, 2006

The 11 Best Black Crowes' Songs

The internet is God. Bow down and kneel before its power. Why? Sit and I will tell you the story, boys and girls.

Years ago, the Black Crowes cut an album for their 3rd release "Amorica." The label hated the songs and scrapped the album. The Crowes wrote some new songs and recorded others for what would be the official release. These were known as the "Tall Sessions." Raw and wicked, they instantly became legendary gold in the Black Crowes rare track trading circles. But mixed cassette bootlegs were barely something to raise an eyebrow about. A few years later, it happened again. The original recording sessions for "By Your Side" found itself becoming a bunkmate for the Tall Sessions. These new songs were known as "The Band Sessions." Again, the pile of rare track treasure trove grew. What does this have to do with the internet? Well, here it is...

About 9 months ago, the songs to both sessions found their way onto the internet. And the demand was incredible. And as we all know, music labels are idiots. They usually don't act until there's money being made and they're not part of it. In this case, there wasn't money being made...there was money "NOT BEING MADE." So as quickly as possible, the label slammed together a 2-disc set of both sessions called the "Lost Crowes" that will see its release next month. Thanks to the internet, this great music will finally see the light of day.

One more note: Of course, of the almost 50 songs from both sessions, only 25 are making it on the discs. So expect a follow-up in probably a few months when the rest of the songs start leaking.

Here are the 11 Best Black Crowes' Songs

1. Remedy (from Southern Harmony and Musical Companion)
2. Hard To Handle (from Shake Your Money Maker)
3. A Conspiracy (from Amorica)
4. Sister Luck (from Shake Your Money Maker)
5. Wiser Time (from Amorica)
6. Waiting Guilty (B-Side) MP3
7. Girl From A Pawn Shop (from Three Snakes and One Charm)
8. She Talks To Angels (from Shake Your Money Maker)
9. She Gave Good Sunflower (from Amorica)
10. Jealous Again (from Shake Your Money Maker)
11. Exit (The Tall Sessions)


Jamie said...

Hey Man,

Could you put up that link to Waitin' Guilty again?

J. Paul said...

It's up for a couple days...

Patrick said...

Hey there!

Could you please repost the Waitin' Guilty mp3?

I have this on the b-side of the Jealous Again vinyl, but don't have the tools to transfer it to mp3.


David Sceppa said...

Could you re-post the Waitin' Guilty mp3 again? I don't have the tools to rip an old 45. Thanks!