Tuesday, August 15, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Best Bands By Jane's Addiction Members post-Jane's Addiction

Back in the late 80s people listened to bands like the Pixies, Minor Threat, and Jane's Addiction to escape the bland ilk of mainstream radio. Complex song structures combined with thought-provoking lyrics created a world more than they created a jingle that would get stuck in your head. Like Pink Floyd before them, when you listened to a Jane's Addiction album, you were transported to another place...in this instance it was Perry Ferrel's urban landscape inspired the jungle terrain of Hollywood. It was fascinating, romantic, disgusting, and "addicting" all at the same time. But almost 20 years later, that band has ceased to exist. Instead, today, we are inflicted by the band's (minus Perry) newest collaboration...the Panic Channel. A straight-forward, uber-produced rock outfit. the new singer isn't bad, he just sounds like any average alt. rock singer. This band is a perfect example of why good singers are never a good thing for a band. If your singer sounds like everyone else then why should they listened to you over every other band? Perry Ferrell had personality. This ex-MTV VJ does not. Basically, they have become the band that they used to be the alternative to.

The post-Jane's Addiction years have been far more productive than the actual 4 year career of the band. So here are the 11 best projects by ex-Jane's Addiction members:

1. Porno For Pyros (featuring Perry Farrell & Stephen Perkins)
2. Dave Navarro solo
3. Perry Farrell solo
4. Infectious Grooves (featuring Stephen Perkins)
5. Red Hot Chili Peppers (featuring Dave Navarro)
6. Guns N Roses (featuring Dave Navarro)
7. Panic Channel (featuring Stephen Perkins and Dave Navarro)
8. Satelite Party (featuring Perry Farrell)
9. Banyan (featuring Stephen Perkins)
10. Deconstruction (featuring Dave Navarro, Eric Avery, and Stephen Perkins)
11. Polar Bear (featuring Eric Avery)

No MP3 today since EZArchive has crashed yet again.

Tomorrow - Part 2: The 11 Best song by Jane's Addiction members that are not Jane's Addiciton songs.

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