Sunday, August 13, 2006

THE ELEVEN: Best Cure Songs

I'm finally back from vacation and ready to get back into my blog. Sorry to those who had been checking in without seeing anything new. I'll have more ready to go all week before I go out of town again.

This past week, Rhino put out 4 new deluxe editions of Cure albums, including the rare Glove sessions. To celebrate, here are the 11 best Cure songs:

  1. A Forest
  2. 10:15 Saturday Night
  3. Disintegration
  4. Love Song
  5. Just Like Heaven
  6. A Night Like This
  7. How Beautiful You Are
  8. Pictures of You
  9. Killing An Arab
  10. Harold and Joe
  11. The Same Deep Waters As You


rob said...

You have a few of the top 11 ...

Here's how I see it (not in order):

1. Fascination Street
2. End
3. Primary
4. A Forest
5. Prayers for Rain
6. 10:15 Saturday Night
7. The Walk
8. The Blood
9. Close to Me
10. Never Enough
11. A Strange Day

Psychrates said...

Not enough goodn's in my opinion.

#1 Homesick
#2 Lovesong(extended mix)
#3 Play For Today
#4 Fascination Street(extended mix)
#5 Disintegration
#6 Purple Haze
#7 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
#8 In Between Days
#9 Catch
# 10 A Few Hours After This
# 11
This group has incredible range, depth and skill. Much like another fav o' Mine Faith No More. I'm a bassist and no one's beeter than Simon Gallup. The man is destructive in his grooves.
A better poem has never been written than the lyrics to Homesick, with the most haunting piano and muted trumpet ever recorded IMO. They re-invented themselves in a wholly unexpected way with Purple Haze, something I hope HEndrix would be proud of.

The heart of these geniuses shows when there are no lyrics and the music flows. Disintegration, Homesick IOTWCS, Purple Haze, and play for today are songs actually LESSENED by vocals. As it is, these songs will play at the touch of a button on my tombstone.

Anonymous said...

An OK list, but here's how I see it (not in order)...
1. Friday I'm In Love
2. Maybe Someday
3. Close to Me
4. Just Like Heaven
5. Love Song
6. Boys Don't Cry
7. Mint Car
8. Push
9. Pictures of You
10. High
11. To the Sky