Thursday, August 17, 2006

The 11 Best Sex Pistol Songs

This week saw the release of the last Sex Pistols material to come to CD in the form of the infamous Spunk bootleg. For most bands this would be a mere footnote but for this band that recorded probably not more than 22 songs in their entire career, this is momumental. Most of the song are pre-Bullocks demos in which Malcolm McClaren claims to actually be better than the stuff that actually ended up on the album. He's entitled to his opinion...but he'd be wrong. The demos are nice piece of Pistols history but after a listen or maybe'll have heard all you'll ever need to hear. Let's stick to what the punk pioneers did right.

So here are the 11 best Sex Pistols songs:

1. Holidays in the Sun (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
2. Bodies (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
3. Anarchy in the U.K. (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
4. I Did U No Wrong (B-Side) MP3
5. No Feelings (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
6. God Save The Queen (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
7. Pretty Vacant (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
8. Liar (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
9. Problems (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
10. Seventeen (Nevermind the Bullocks...)
11. Satelite (B-Side)

Honorable Mention to "My Way" by Sid Viscious (it was on a Sex Pistols album but it was really a solo song)

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