Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The 11 Best Foo Fighters B-Sides

Finding a good B-Side of your favorite band is like finding $20 in the pocket of an old pair of jeans. It's especially grand when you can show off by playing it for your fellow fans. There's nothing like making other audiophiles jealous. Piggy-backing yesterday's blog, here are...

The 11 Best Foo Fighters B-Sides:

1. Down in the Park (The Colour and the Shape B-Side) MP3
2. Baker Street (The Colour and the Shape B-Side)
3. Fraternity (There Is Nothing Left To Lose B-Side)
4. Winnebago (Foo Fighters B-Side)
5. Darling Nikki (One By One B-Side)
6. Win or Lose (Out Cold Soundtrack)
7. How Do You Do? (Touch Soundtrack)
8. A320 (Godzilla Soundtrack)
9. How I Miss You (Foo Fighters B-Side)
10. Dear Lover (Scream 2 Soundtrack)
11. Gas Chamber (BBC Evening Session)

PS. Butterflies and I'm Alone Again are great songs but since they were never officially released, they were excluded from consideration.


D.C.E said...

I'd put "Podunk" on there, b side off "this is a call".

Foofighterism said...

hey,where the best treasure from the in your honor...??