Friday, November 03, 2006

The 11 Best Mega Songs (of the past 20 years)

Before Metallica's Black album, the band planned to do the unthinkable for their new album. They were preparing to record one song. One 70-minute long song. But with the forseeable non-existant radio play for the song...they opted to go for the more commercial route...and the rest is history. But bands are constantly playing with song structure, seeing how far they can stretch it. Out of this experimentation has been born the "mega-song." Any song that is longer than 10-minutes is considered a "mega-song"....9:59 may not apply. In recent years, the attempt at recording mega-songs has grown. Some bands like Tool and Mars Volta make a living out of it. Sometimes the result is amazing...other times it just takes up space on your ipod. On the new Decembrists' album, the band not only took a stab at recording a "mega-song," they recorded 2 "mega-songs." Both are exceptional musical pieces from an otherwise traditional band. Green Day who perfected the 3-minute pop song have two songs clocking over 9 minutes on their latest record...they're not mega-songs but Green Day, they might as well be operatic movements. Now songs lasting longer than 10 minutes have been around a long time, but only recently have they become more than just an opportunity to jam unlimited as many classic rockers were guilty is today's list...(this list is recorded songs only...not live nor remixes)

The 11 Best Mega Songs (of the past 20 years)

1. Three Days - Jane's Addiction (12:06) MP3
2. Coma - Guns N Roses (10:13)
3. This Corrosion - Sisters of Mercy (10:53)
4. Let's Not Shit Ourselves - Bright Eyes (10:06)
5. 10,000 Days - Tool (11:13)
6. B-Boy Bouillabaisse - The Beastie Boys (12:33)
7. Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore - The Mars Volta (27:29)
8. The Island - The Decembrists (12:26)
9. Goodbye Sky Harbor - Jimmy Eat World (16:11)
10. When The Fool Becomes A King - The Polyphonic Spree (10:37)
11. Highlands - Bob Dylan (16:30)


Anonymous said...

jesus of suburbia is a great song. took a while to like it but i love it now.

J. Paul said...

jesus of suburbia does rock...but it falls under 10 minutes...the only reason it's not on here.