Thursday, November 02, 2006

The 11 Best Strokes Songs

Back from vacation...and ready to keep up the listings.

You know a band has made it when other people besides the lead singer are putting out solo albums. Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, John Frusciante, even Ace Frehley have solo albums...and who is the newest member to join this illustrious group? None other than Strokes guitarist, Albert Hammond Jr. How much does Albert vary from his signature Strokes' sound? Not much considering Julian Casablancas guest vocals on some songs. That said...if you like the Strokes than this pick up is a must.

Here are the 11 Best Strokes Songs:

1. 12:51 (Room on Fire)
2. Heart in a Cage (First Impressions of Earth)
3. Reptilia (Room on Fire)
4. Ize of the World (First Impressions of Earth)
5. Hard To Explain (Is This It?)
6. You Only Live Once (First Impressions of Earth)
7. Last Nite (Is This It?)
8. Electricityscape (First Impressions of Earth)
9. Someday (Is This It?)
10. Hawaii (FIOE B-Side)
11. New York City Cops (ITI B-Side)


Charlotte said...

my favorite is and always will be barely legal. i don't think there's enough off is this it? in there and maybe too much first impressions.

J. Paul said...

It's weird...when I put together the list, I thought it would be crammed with ITI material...but upon repeat listens, I found myself skipping through the songs. I feel like the band has greatly matured and grown as songwriters. IMO.

Jed the Humanoid said...

you, sir, have grossly underestimated their sophomore effort. Room on Fire is their best, and obviously most underrated, album. in my opinion.

ktell said...

soma? anyone??

To my ears it's their best song. Tragically this list is all kinds of wrong, but at least you tried.

Dominic said...


L said...

my favourite songs, by far, is Is This It