Friday, April 06, 2007

The 11 Best Ozomatli Songs

In elementary school, my favorite baseball player was Wally Joyner of the Anaheim Angels or the California Angels as they were known back then. And what wasn't to like about this guy? In his rookie season, he batted .290, hit 22 home runs, 100 RBIs and 27 doubles. He side-stepped the sophomore slump by hitting 34 home runs, 117 RBIs, and 33 doubles. He was a superstar in the making. I collected all his baseball cards. In fact I had dozens of copies of each card for that one day he would be inducted into the hall of fame and I would cash in and get rich. Unfortunately, no one told Wally what I expected of him. Over the next 14 season he would only hit over 20 homers one other time and never again reach the 100 RBI plateau. I was bummed. I had hooked my trailer to a player that I thought would have a long and illustrious career. 18 years is nothing to shake a stick at but the guy hit less home runs in the last ten years of his career than Barry Bonds did in a single season. Though Wally continued to keep his batting average at a steady .289 and habitually stayed in on the leader board for doubles, he failed to turn into the player I hoped he would be. Now, I still like the guy. He was about as nice and friendly as professional ball players get. But as a kid, this was one of my first lessons in disappointment. As I grew older, I learned that this was just a part of life. As in ball players, directors, and musicians....everyone's human and nobody is perfect. And sometimes bands make awesome debut albums, making you their new #1 fan...only to release nothing but boring material for their rest of their careers.

Here are the 11 Best Ozomatli Songs:

1. Cut Chemist Suite (Ozomatli)
2. Eva (Ozomatli)
3. Como Ves (Ozomatli)
4. Who's To Blame? (Embrace The Chaos )
5. Oh Le Le (Ozomatli)
6. Saturday Night (Street Signs)
7. Believe (Street Signs)
8. Mi Gente (Coming Up)
9. Super Bowl Sundae (Ozomatli)
10. Cumbia De Los Muertos (Ozomatli)
11. Embrace The Chaos (Embrace The Chaos )

Buy their new album Don't Mess With The Dragon.

Tracks from Ozomatli's first EP Ya Llego!...

1. Eva
2. Cut Chemist Suite

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