Monday, April 30, 2007

The 11 Best Songs By Rush

There are three things that plague the human race.: Terrorists, Telemarketers, and Traffic. There is no doubt if all three things were to disappear that the planet would be a much better place to fact, it would be probably be very close to being a utopia. Imagine driving to work and you hit every green light. Imagine that not one person cuts in front of you and no one in front of you comes to a stop for no apparent reason. Imagine how happy you would be if you walked into work without having to use your brakes except to stop in your parking space. Driving to work with no traffic might be better than sex (I said might be). This list is for everyone who has to commute between San Francisco and Oakland. The next three months of your life will be hell. This is dedicated to all of you.

Buy Rush's new album Snakes and Arrows here

Here are the 11 Best Songs By Rush: (Thanks to Captain Kitt for the list)

1. 2112 (2112)
2. Tom Sawyer (Moving Pictures)
3. La Villa Strangiato
4. Red Barchetta (Moving Pictures)
5. Working Man (Rush)
6. YYZ (Moving Pictures)
7. The Trees (Hemispheres)
8. A Passage to Bangkok (2112)
9. A Farewell to Kings (A Farewell To Kings)
10. Animate (Counter Parts)
11. The Body Electric (Grace Under Pressure)


JRZYGYRL said...

Nice job with this list, though "Spirit of Radio" would have been nice to see just because it was the song that prompted me to buy "Permanent Waves" with my saved-up allowance when I was 12. Oh, and I am happy to say that the commute hasn't really been a problem.

Silviu said...

Good list. Came in useful thanks.

Connor M. said...

Fly by Night and Spirit of Radio would've been nice, but great list otherwise!

Revolution-Evolution said...

What about "Far Cry", "Faithless" and "Way the Wind Blows" from the latest album "Snakes and Arrows"?

Personally I'm more into the 1970's stuff from "Fly By Night" up to "Moving Pictures", and then again in the 1990's stuff, but mostly "Test for Echo" and the song "Resist", and what I consider being one of their best albums ever, "Snakes and Arrows". Totally fabulous, marvelous and brilliant!

Revolution-Evolution said...

Oh, I forgot! The song "Bravest Face" from "Snakes and Arrows". A nice verse moving with an exciting bridge into one of the strongest choruses that I can think of right now.